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Do you see the world the way a photographer sees? Is View Finder your third eye? Do you have the passion for sharing what you’ve enjoyed all this while? If your answer is “yes” to these questions then probably we’d make good company together.

The Lensed is on a mission to share the awareness of endless possibility a DSLR has. When I began learning photography, it was just me with a bunch of ideas and no source to learn from. Now when I am asked something about a DSLR I feel happy and eligible to answer those questions.

I want to share whatever I have learned to people who are the position I was a few years ago.

A Brief about The Lensed

The Lensed is a platform to showcase my vision and perspective of the world along with tips & tricks about photography. For the collective good, I share my learning and experience on this platform so that photography enthusiasts can learn from it.

But as you must be knowing it already, photography is very vast topic to be carried out¬†single handedly. That’s where I seek your presence, “The best place to be is together

While I create content to teach I’d be grateful to you if you too contribute to this cause. Your knowledge and experience are of utmost value. Put it here and we can not only facilitate an enthusiast but also create fortune to us by teaching.

At The Lensed I am on a mission to learn and teach everything about photography. From basics to advanced, every photography enthusiast would be benefitted by this platform.

If you feel you are right for this opportunity, I request you to fill up the form below and share your knowledge and experience on photography. If I find a mutual fit, you’ll find me in your inbox soon.

Let us win together.


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